Two things I have learned from online dating

I have been dating online for some time now. The reason I chose this avenue for myself is that I communicate better through writing, and I can warm up to someone before ever meeting them in person. Online works for me because I am more at ease with someone once we talk face to face. I tried a few online dating apps, and this is what I found:

(my personal review based on my experiences)

Dating Apps



The site was well put together but seemed pricey.

Requires a paid membership to experience it thus I was unable to take advantage of it.

The concept of the site was entertaining. It is comparable to Tinder, but you are more limited to profiles. Once you match with someone, you have seven days to write to each other in the private chat room.

You get a limited amount of profiles to view each day, depending on your location, preference, and gender. If you don’t like the matches, they provide you can use beans (app currency) or subscribe for more. I quit this app because I was not getting results, and I needed to use beans to browse more matches in my area.

Girl power…Ladies you can decide who you wish to talk to and intiate conversations.

I found out I do prefer men to make the first move. Nothing against women that do, I just don’t do it very often, and I have realized that when I do make the first move, the conversation does not last long. I’d rather know if a man is interested from the start.

Plenty of profile views and messages. If you want attention, this is the site to be! I have gone on most of my dates from this site.

Just like any site, you have to weed out the serious ones from the ones that want a one night stand. This site makes finding the commitment-phobes a little more challenging if you are getting a lot of attention from members. If you are looking for someone to pay your bills or for a millionaire, this is probably not the site for you.

You get more serious men on this site. I have not gone on many dates or gotten many messages from men I am interested in, but the ones I have matched with and messaged I have mostly met face to face.

Profile views were once available, and now they are not. This makes it harder to know who is interested in you and who isn’t, so you are going in blind when you message someone.

Tinder is great to pass the time. When I am very bored, I will go on there and do some swiping. It is like playing a game, and there are quite a few good looking men to drool over.

People are pretty flaky. You can match with more than one hundred men, and only 4 or 5 of them will send you a text. Begs the question: Why are you swiping right on people that you have no interest in getting to know?

The two things that I have learned from dating apps are: stay away from profiles that only have one picture (they could be catfishing you), and if you are seeking a relationship, don’t go for people that have very little to nothing written on their profiles. If someone is looking for a meaningful connection, they will give you more details about who they are on their profile. Passing on profiles won’t always be an easy thing to do; there are some hotties out there that have nothing written. So as much as it pains me, I still swipe left, pass, or ignore on those.

I am still using POF, Tinder, and OkCupid because I want to keep my options open based on what I am looking for, but all dating apps will have their pros and cons just like dating does in real life. You can find a dating app or several that best fit your needs, but you won’t find one that caters to all of them.

What apps do you use? Which ones have given you the most success? What are you looking for?

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