“Love is Blind”

I am biracial. My mother is African American, and my father is Caucasian, so Interracial Dating to me always seemed natural since my parents never seemed to make it an issue. Growing up, I was attracted to other races. Still, I realized my preference was Caucasian men, and I know that my parents would not have an issue if I dated “outside of my race,” although Caucasian is technically part of my race, so does that still count? Anyway, I know that my parents would not be worried in that sense, but what about other people out there? 

I recently watched, as I am sure most of you have, the program Love is Blind, but for those of you who don’t know, there is an interracial couple on the show. The woman mentioned a few times that she was nervous about her father meeting her white fiancée because he believed that African Americans should marry other African Americans. She also said that her father’s approval regarding who she dated meant a lot to her. In the end, her father did accept the relationship because he was aware that the most important thing is someone’s heart, not their skin color. I was happy that they made it to the end and that they were still going strong at the reunion. Love was blind since their connection was not based on the color of their skin, as it never should be.

Have any of you been put in a situation where a family member was concerned because you were in an interracial relationship? Would you marry or continue to date against your family or friends wishes?

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