Do Ex-Cons Make Good Boyfriends?

I do have to confess that out of all the guys that I have spoken to, the one who’s personality that intrigued me the most was a guy who was living in a halfway house when we started exchanging messages. I am sure as some of you read this, you are already thinking to yourselves “RED FLAGS” or “that is not something you want to associate yourself with,” but is it as white and black as all that?

If the guy isn’t a repeat offender and he is taking steps to change, a chance should be given. If he then does not act in a way that makes you think he is changing, then you can decide to break it off with him or not.  This is something that I thought about constantly when I was talking to him because the jail thing did bother me a bit, but since his sense of humor was so great, I decided I was not going to let the fact that he was an ex-con be an issue. As our messages turned into phone calls, we just drifted apart. He didn’t have any way to get from point A to point B, and he had to abide by certain rules while at the halfway house, so it put a dent on a dating life that he was hoping to achieve while still in there.

Has anyone ever dated an ex-con?  How did that turn out?

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