Do Hot Men lower Confidence?

I went out on a date with this younger guy about three years ago. I usually do not like it when men send a message with hi or hello on it, one because it shows that they didn’t put much effort into it and two because most of the conversations that start with one letter words don’t last long in the cyber world. When it came to this younger guy though, I let my superficial side (which all of us have to a degree) take over, and I responded to his simple hi message. He was hot and cold in his texting, and eventually, we made plans to meet up. He lived in Pennsylvania, and I lived out of the state, so we decided to meet halfway. About 2 hours before the meeting, he asked if I could come to him. I can’t remember why he could not meet in our previous destination, but I do know it was a stupid excuse. The problem was that I thought he was sooo out of my league that I started to make dumb decisions.

 I drove almost 2 hours to see him at a restaurant near his house, something I would never do with someone else, and we watched a movie at his place. I was so sure I was going to see him again, but I never did, and after reading some information on the turn-ons and offs of men, I understood why. I was way too eager, and he could sense the desperation. We all need to think that we are the hottest creatures on the planet (without being arrogant) and any person that wants to be a part of our life romantically needs to show us they are worthy. Hot men are used to women throwing themselves at them, so if you don’t, they’ll become curious, at least that will be my strategy next time.

Have you ever felt your confidence go down because you were trying to keep a guy you thought was out of your league?

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